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Campaign websites

Inspiration Webworks offers full-featured, low cost web site design and hosting. We cater to Republican political campaigns and small businesses in Michigan and around the midwest.

We’ve got a good head for what works on the web and what doesn’t, and have a good handle on basic usability design and information architecture planning. Most importantly, we’ve worked on political campaigns – we know what a campaign needs, and how a campaign works. We are much more than just a bunch of computer geeks – we’re Republican activists as well.  In the final days of the campaign, you’ll find us out doing door-to-door alongside you and other like minded candidates.

How quickly can I get it done?

A comfortable time frame is somewhere between one and three months from start to finish, and a week or two of lead time before kicking it off is always good.  We know that every minute between now and Election Day counts, and we promise to make the most of them.

The words “tight timeline” usually means I have to pass, but never say never. If your project is particularly attractive and I have an appropriately-sized hole in my schedule, things may be more flexible.

How much do I charge?

Depends on the work. Okay, here’s a real answer: most of my budgets typically run between $500 and $3,000 for initial setup.

I consider only very quick, very basic projects for the lower end of that range, and anything above the higher end likely requires more people and capacity than I can provide.


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